Diona "Dice" Vio

Hero of the Imperium. Story follows her rise through the ranks of the 189th Tullus Regiment.


Tall, Brawny and quick on her feet.

Brown hair bound tightly to her scalp, tired eyes and a pale complexion.

Sarcastic, observant and quick-witted. Her intuition and combat skills have saved many asses in the 189th (including hers) during the Crusade for the Vektamest Systems.

Despite her generally ornery demeanor under duress and occasional bouts of insubordination, she has the makings of a skilled leader inside of her. It’s just going to take a lot of work to get there.

She begins our story on Tullus as a sergeant.


Born approx in 975.M41 in a hamlet on the outskirts of the Illuri Hive on Pransk. Grew up in the shadow of the war effort, her parents working in the foundries that supplied the Sector’s Naval yards and her brother holding the station of high regard in the Governor’s own regiment, the 1st Pransk Regiment, known on Pransk as the Honor Guard.

Upon reaching adulthood, she designed to join her brother in the Honor Guard. And though she failed to make the placement test for the Honor Guard, she scored well enough to be accepted into the Planetary Regiment as a junior NCO. She spent five years in the PDF, performing police actions on Pransk’s moons and participating in the suppression of worker’s riots on the orbital mining facilities, all the while submitting herself for the recruitment lottery and dreaming of the day her name would be called.

That day eventually came, and she was inducted into the 1st Pransk Regiment as a Corporal just in time for the Regiment to be tithed for Lord-General Ulito Victarias’ Crusade for the Vektamest Sector.

Though vetted and proven by paperwork and peace-time merits, she had yet to see actual combat against the foes of the Imperium.

The Tullus Campaign would change that.

Diona "Dice" Vio

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