Jericus Jakes

Diona Vio's long-suffering radio-man and comrade. One of the last survivors of their Cadet Class.


Stalwart, Opportunistic and Mischievous, Jakes Gorran pulls double duty as the radio-man of platoon bravo and platoon’s self-appointed jester, lifting men’s spirits whenever he can in whatever way he can manage (often putting him at odds with his superiors).

A sure-eyed shot and natural survivor, Gorran has kept close to Vio’s side throughout the Tullus campaign with comparably little physical harm.

An area that their classmates from the Pransk 1st regiment suffered immensely, leaving himself, Vio and a handful of others in the 189th the last of survivors of the regiment once considered to be the “Pride of Pransk.”

Begins our story as a Radio-Specialist.


Jericus Jakes

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