Colonel Adler Sangari

Commanding Officer of the 189th Tullus Regiment


Circumspect, quiet and resolute.


Colonel Sangari owes his spartan lifestyle and comprehensive tactical approach to his formative years as a Bridge Officer in the Imperial Navy, where his talents were much enjoyed by his colleagues and envied by his rivals.

He weathered six different crusades and more than a dozen naval actions against Orks, Tyrannids and renegade Imperial forces. But against all odds, his undoing was cemented by the work of his rivals, who saw him exiled from the navy to the Imperial Guard, saved from execution by his political ally, Commissar Gedward Flavion.

In the Guard, he served as a Fleet Liaison with the 1st Pransk Regiment until its near destruction at the hands of Renegade Space Marines during the 1st battle of Tullus.

Now, in his later years, he commands the newly formed 189th Tullus regiment in its continued deployment in the Merasheen Crusade. Though mocked as overly cautious by his colleagues, he commands with a confidence bolstered by a brilliant command staff and a Regiment of stalwart guardsmen.

Colonel Adler Sangari

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